Launch a Production-Grade Architecture onGoogle CloudGoogle Cloud in days, not weeks

BrightCloudKit is a boilerplate for building scalable and reliable architectures on Google Cloud. Launching early 2024.


Faster iteration. More innovation.

BrightCloudKit is the accelerator for rapidly deploying a production-grade architecture on Google Cloud. Let your team focus on shipping features instead of managing infrastructure with sample apps, secrets management, CI/CD, automated testing, and tracing examples.


Scale your applications seamlessly with Google Cloud's flexible infrastructure.


Protect your data with Google Cloud's world-class security measures.


Optimize your applications for high performance with Google Cloud's advanced analytics.

Rob Morgan
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About Us

Rob Morgan is the brains and CTO behind BrightCloudKit. He has spent his career building and scaling internet companies. Most recently he contributed support for Google Cloud to Terratest (an open-source testing framework) and wrote a set of production-grade infrastructure modules in partnership with Google.

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